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Frequently Asked Queries

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Frequently Asked Queries

This is the segmentation of Indian Market by Income

Hunting down the cheap dining out offer is a way of life for many. Consumers have developed a discount voucher-scheme mentality when it comes to eating out. Survey says the people using dining discount voucher-websites are not belong to elite or consuming class but more likely tech-savvy, educated under-35s.

The popularity of these deal websites has raised concerns that some operators are now becoming reliant on them. Business owners are pressured into getting them to believe it will bring customers WHO will return as a full price paying customer! Really all you get are "Deal Hoppers" just looking everyday where they can get a cheap dining out offer. Restaurant business owners do not realise or even know how much damage it can do to their business. They are not taking time to review and measure the results from discount website.

Restaurant brands could find it hard to convince consumers to pay full price until and unless you reach and acquire your target audience through any promotional campaign.

Addmania’s Designed Promotional campaign
The main objective of our promotional activity is to reach, hit, and acquire your target segment. Based on your premium service and price, we select the most appropriate segment market to reach and acquire on behalf of you. At ADDMANIA, our team of professionals select our client’s target customers with the help of our highly advanced data filtration system. We design attractive offers based on your need, profit, and margin and convert them into your brand embossed Dining Privilege Card and Preferred Leisure Card along with high quality collateral and sell this at a cost ranging from Rs.1000 to 10,000 to your target audience through face-to-face relationship based marketing. Our customers make an investment in your brand before they first step through your door. Addmania strategy is to reward the customers for loyalty as a complimentary rather than offering great discount or great deals. Our designed offers are more attractive than great discounts or deal, could be more beneficial for their brands.

NOTE: Only a customer who will make an investment of Rs. 1000 to 10,000 in your brand before attending your outlet whose day-to-day lifestyle and purchasing power fits with your premium service and price.  

“Operators need to think about what discounting does to customer perception and the market position of their business. If the business lowers its price downwards then they are altering customer perception of their position in the market.  Customers very quickly get used to paying a lower price for a particular level of service, so if operators effectively raise the price by stopping the discounts, customers could end up feeling cheated."

While acquiring your target customers, we approach wide market segment with consistent and persuasive communication to increase your brand trail. When services and quality of foods deliver promised quality and value, it creates satisfied customers and become your regular customers who become instrumental in spreading favourable word of mouth marketing to other prospective customers.

Great foods and great services are the component of good restaurants and hotels industry but they are not the reason for success. Managing the fixed cost, filling the unused tables & rooms, utilizing the full capacity & resources, and reducing the opportunity lost are the main reason for success of a foodservice and hospitality industry.

Through ADDMANI’S unique and innovative designed loyalty program based on your needs and profit margins, you can minimize the opportunity lost and maximize the utility of capacity and resources leading to higher profits.  As you know every unused capacity (tables & rooms) and resources (man, material, money & machine) is lost of revenue.

Unused capacity sharing fixed cost and depreciation cost

FIXED COST                                                 DEPRECIATION COST

1.Overheads                                                1. Cooking Equipments & Tools
2. Salaries                                                    2. Cooling Machineries
3. Rents                                                        3. Furniture & Crockery
4.Housekeeping & Hygiene cost              4. Computers
5. Lighting & Cooling expense                  5. Soft furnishings etc.
6. Security
7. Technology

These fixed costs and depreciation costs are the main investment and not the core product or service of hospitality and foodservice industry. To reduce these fixed costs and depreciation costs, you need to convert more core products (chicken) into total products (chicken Tandoori). For this you need more customer traffic and repeat visits.

By outsourcing ADDMANIA, we can act as a catalyst in generating demand, filling unused tables & rooms, growing revenues, and improving profitability margin-consistently.  When in the hands of ADDMANIA, your brand will make a fast and positive impact in the marketplace. We will rapidly grow your customer base across the private to residential, small to medium enterprises target markets, medium to large enterprises target markets, very rich to consuming class. Our designed program gives you not only one but up to a dozen chances to make them a customer for life!

No upfront cost involved in this program. We cover all the costs of designing, developing and distributing your promotional package (Dinning Privilege Card and Preferred Leisure Card) to your target audience. Partnership with ADDMANIA is 100% self-funded.

We design attractive offers based on your need, profit, and margin and convert them into your brand embossed Dining Privilege Card along with high quality collateral with a validity of One Year and sell this at a cost to the customers. Your brand embossed Dining Privilege Card develops a feeling of association with your brand and this association feeling increases the retention. We make the offer to satisfy all the needs of the customer like accommodations offer, marriage anniversary offer, birthday celebration offer, banquet booking offer, corporate offer, dining and beverage offer, ladies kitty party offer, and buffet offer. Once customers start visiting your establishment regularly with this Dining Privilege Card, you get more and more opportunity to recognise your customers by name. Human being likes recognition to feel different from crowd and this recognition leads to high retention with your brand.