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About us

About Us

Over the years of experience, ADDMANIA earned a reputation for excellence in reaching and acquiring the targeted audiences for restaurants and hotel business through innovative sales & promotion.

The important function of ADDMANIA's face-to-face relationship based promotional marketing is to increase the perceived value of your restaurants and hotel’s brand by giving it a symbolic meaning (Promotional Kit with Brand Logo Plastic Dining Card and colorful Vouchers) that makes it more valuable to the customers. The aim of this designed promotional program is to keep your brand name always fresh in the target audience’s memory. 

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Career Opportunities

we have created a leadership development program through which sharp and motivated people can quickly ascend the corporate ladder and build a rewarding career based on sound business principles honed through practice. In addition to our accelerated leadership development program, all employees are provided with a dynamic education and specialized training in sales and marketing that facilitate professional, as well as personal, growth. At ADDMANIA, we depend on each of our people exceeding their career goals, both short and long term.




ADDMANIA and the new hire to ensure that the necessary skills and abilities are effectively learned to transform each individual into a successful, confident partner. Each day, ADDMANIA will approach this challenge from several different angles and with varying methods to encourage the development of a diverse skill set that can be sharpened over time.



Continuously improving upon skills is an important goal of ADDMANIA and so we provide morning training sessions every day, designed to teach leadership and business skills, these meetings are also in place to get everyone positively charged and motivated for the upcoming day.



ADDMANIA is now offering positions at the entry and high level for sales and marketing. Our firm has a very high success rate of developing competitive-driven individuals to managerial positions. We are seeking professionals that want to take their “winning mindsets" and apply them to a growing business career.

We drive Business Performance


Passionate Marketing
Promotions specialists

The ADDMANIA Marketing and Promotions team is responsible for the development and implementation of a marketing & promotions plan and promotional collateral (voucher & coupons) with the goal of growing the customer base through engaging loyalty membership program. This will be done in collaboration with the Addmania Leadership Team and you, so you get the desirable results.

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Creative Art Work

Turn your restaurants and hotel pictures into a classic piece of a promotional kit. Addmania uses the highest quality paper materials to produce the most vibrant and stunning promotional kit that includes vouchers and coupons.  We take great care in every stage of the printing process to ensure that your promotional kit looks professional, attractive, and self defining entire units and outlets.

Planning & Strategy

By outsourcing to us, you will save time, effort and development costs of promotional kit and marketing campaigns. We don’t take money from you for our promotional proposal. We generate our revenue from the market by selling promotional kits. Only a company that is confident it can get the job done can offer a performance based guarantee like that.

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Why to pay huge commissions to Nearbuy for Promotion??

Why to pay huge commissions to Nearbuy when you can have your own personalized Marketing & Promotions without paying Commissions and charges, instead get paid in the process of Promotions.

Hire ADDMANIA, we will promote your hotel and restaurants without any upfront investment. We put our actions to match our recommendations, which is our biggest strength. Our existing clients are our repeat clients.




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Zero Cost Investment Marketing & Promotion

Zero Cost Investment Marketing & Promotion by Addmania. Increase Your Revenue Without Increasing Costs. Marketing has evolved over the years and with the coming of ‘Internet’, restaurant marketing has expanded beyond leaps and bounds. Today restaurant marketing is not just limited to online but requires an offline approach as well. Investing in marketing initiatives without arbitrating their effectiveness in your business can be a costly affair. Today, it is possible to market your hotel & restaurants even when you are on a low/no budget. The results will be as far better than the paid marketing like PPC, SEO, hoardings, and paid facebook promotion.


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NO Budget Restaurant Marketing Promotion

Restaurant marketing is essential to running a successful restaurant but unique restaurant marketing ideas is hard to come by, especially when you are on a NO budget. If you are struggling with a no budget, here are we ADDMANIA, our marketing & promotions through promotional kit/vouchers to attract new customers and engage with the current ones.

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RUN & EARN ---

Run a successful Promotional Campaign for your hotel and restaurants and get paid in the process of promotion as a revenue sharing.
Let our team work on your behalf to institute immediate and widespread promotional marketing campaigns for you with zero investment from you.

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