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ADDMANIA’S designed program is different from Online Discount Coupons. The high frequency of indirect channel like Online Offer Coupons has created an increasingly impersonal relationship between service and consumer. ADDMANIA bridges this detrimental gap by building lasting relationships through direct contact with business and individual. When compared to online forms of sales and marketing, the benefits of ADDMANIA’S methods are obvious and invaluable. There are few major limitations and drawbacks of online promotions are listed below. 


1. It is designed particularly and specifically for your target audiences. 1. No specification for your target audience. To be everything to everyone is a sure recipe for a strategic failure.
2. It is marketed exclusively for you only through face-to-face relationship based marketing via high quality fully coloured professionally produced collateral. 2. There is no exclusiveness on online portal. There are many other small and big competitors on the same platform. Online users looking only for more discounts.
3. It is a profit oriented programme. It is based on 40% to 50% margin. 3. It is discount oriented programme based on 70 to 90% discount.
4. It increases the repeat visit of customers because customers make an investments in your brand before they first step through your door. 4. No investment in your brand rather you are investing by giving 70 to 90% discount for total heterogeneous market in a hope that they will return as a full price paying customers.
5. It develops a feeling of association and also creates emotional & symbolic attachment by keeping your Brand Logo Dining Card. 5. A printout Discount Voucher does not develop association feeling with your Brand & Establishment.
6. Through this program, we acquire 80% new customers for your brand from all over city through face-to-face marketing presentation. 6. It is to all, even for your full price paying loyal customers. It cannot be upsold, it discourages the increamental Buisness.
7. Acquisition of customers through this programme who are the actual consuming class and having buying power of your service products even without offers. 7. Acquisitions of customers through online coupon offers are basically opportunist customers or offer seeker and they may or may not have the buying power of your service product without the offer.
8. There is no mandatory appointment required to avail the offer in this program, so giving a signal of welcoming. 8. There is mandatory appointment required which hurts the ego of premium customers and your objective to get premium customers rather any customers.
9. It is basically designed to fill unused capacity and resources without affecting your regular business. 9. It can affect your regular business also.
10. It is marketed through persuasive communication, which precipitating the change or reinforcement of desired attitude or behaviour. 10. No persuasive communication.
11. It can be used to create images and build symbolic meaning for brand. 11. Missing this strategy.
12. It is successful in building interest and favourable brand attitude. 12. Missing this strategy.
13. Basic responsibility of this programme is to deliver designed information to your target audience. 13. Missing to reach and hit your target audience.
14. Through this programme, our team of representatives act as a professional brand ambassador for your outlet. 14. Missing personalization.

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