ATTENTION HOTELS & RESTAURANTS :: Generate Quality Customer Traffic with your Brand Logo Dining Card at No Up-front Costs. | We cover all the costs of Developing and Distributing your Promotional Packages.


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By outsourcing to us, our clients save time, effort and development costs and only pay us for the results we generate. No upfront investment. Only a company that is confident it can get the job done can offer a performance based guarantee like that. We cover all the costs of developing and distributing our clients’ promotional packages include Brand Logo Embossed Plastic Card and high-quality fully-colored professional produced collateral. Our clients get the benefit of an ongoing promotional campaign without having to open their checkbook. Our clients capture the upside of increased business and customer traffic – but we assume the cost of delivering your message. Our clients invest only in results – not in impressions that fail to attract a new customer. Only a company with confidence that they can get the job done could offer a performance-based guarantee like this. Partnership with ADDMANIA is 100% self-funded.

We assure you to increase customer’s footfalls to the extent of more than 70% on the whole with a waiting period of few weeks at your service establishment like hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, lounge bars, resorts, and leisure park which shall certainly cover your spending and beyond. It is absolutely certain that when it comes to organizing any promotion, our team work in a very professional manner and we have our own methods which when applied does get us guaranteed results.

We make the Dining Privilege Card and Preferred Leisure Card with a minimum validity of one year containing approximately 100 perforated coupons to meet all the needs of our client’s target customers throughout the year. These perforated coupons contain accommodations offer, marriage anniversary offer, birthday celebration offer, banquet booking offer, corporate offer, dining and beverage offer, ladies kitty party offer, and buffet offer. These offers always keep our client’s brand top-of-mind when customers make their everyday choice or any special group events instead competitors.

The cost of repeat sale is substantially lower than the cost of finding new customers. We make the deal very attractive for the customers so that the customer’s frequency of visit in the whole year to your establishment shall be over and above your expectations and which shall certainly fulfil the purpose of the exercise.

At ADDMANIA, we put our actions to match our recommendations, which is our biggest strength. Our existing customers are our repeat clients. Referrals have been aplenty but at ADDMANIA, we take care in choosing our associates to ensure that there will always result in a certain sense of achievement and accomplishment in every project we undertake. Quality of work is an essential mantra within our company.

At ADDMANIA, we are completely alert to fact that each client is special and each client presents us with an opportunity to continue to fine tune and hone our marketing skills to realize customer delight and satisfaction in every way possible.

Alliances and Partnerships provide synergy and economies of scale. However, it is extremely important to have the right partner, who shares your vision and your values. We work with Companies to understand their strengths and needs, we understand the value behind creation of relationships and associations which extended far beyond the professional ambit. We firmly believe a satisfied client is a veritable mouthpiece for other prospective clients.

There's a reason we're working with so many Hotels.

It is because We're outrageously good at what we do!