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We are innovative service marketing team of professionals and our primary objective is to assist ventures essentially within the foodservices & hospitality industry comprising hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, lounge bars, resorts and leisure parks. We are leader in developing the branding solution and customer traffic for foodservices & hospitality industry. Our clients benefit from our professional sales team who work on their behalf as a brand ambassador to institute immediate, widespread, and aggressive sales campaigns. Over the years of experience, ADDMANIA earned a reputation for excellence in reaching and hitting the target audience through innovative sales solutions.


We are leading company in developing, designing and distributing the DINING PRIVILEGE CARD AND PREFERRED LEISURE CARD to our client’s target segment at our own costs. We have become expert in development and execution of direct marketing program. The Dining Privilege Card and Preferred Leisure Card marketed through direct marketing (face-to-face relationship based marketing) and sales approach. ADDMANIA's Direct marketing approach is the most effective method of nurturing a hospitality brand image in the short and long run. The important function of ADDMANIA's face-to-face relationship based marketing is to increase the perceived value of our client’s brand by giving it a symbolic meaning (Brand Logo Embossed Plastic Dining Card) that makes it more valuable to the consumer. The aim of this designed program is to keep our client’s brand name always fresh in the target audience’s memory. We are leader in delivering unique customer acquisition and retention programs that have successfully brought our clients new customers, increased brand awareness, increased revenue, and enhanced brand loyalty by harnessing face-to-face referral marketing.

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