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ATTENTION HOTELS & RESTAURANTS :: Generate Quality Customer Traffic with your Brand Logo Dining Card at No Up-front Costs. | We cover all the costs of Developing and Distributing your Promotional Packages.


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Our newest and fastest growing marketing channel is Corporate Events. The Corporate Events Marketing Channel allows our clients to reach their target demographic through employee events where we feature and promote our clients’ businesses in front of thousands of local employees.

Six Great Reasons to Outsource Addmania for Sales Promotion

1. Over 1,00,000 New Customers Acquisition experience.

2. Most Trusted Branding & Loyalty Solution Provider for Hospitality.

3. Leader in Reaching & Acquiring your Target Audience.

4. No Upfront Costs. We cover all the costs of promotion.

5. We provide Measurable Results.

6. Dining Card Develops association feeling with your brand.


Six Great Reasons Not to Choose Online Promotion (Discount Dining Voucher Website)

1. Not able to acquire your Target Audience. Acquire only Discount-Hunting Customers.

2. Online is Discount Oriented Promotion not Profit Oriented.

3. Online Promotion affects your Full Price Paying Customers.

4. Printout Discount Voucher does not develop association feeling with your brand.

5. No Personalization, No Communications for Your Brand.

6. No Exclusiveness for your Premium Brand, all are on same portal.


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