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ATTENTION HOTELS & RESTAURANTS :: Generate Quality Customer Traffic with your Brand Logo Dining Card at No Up-front Costs. | We cover all the costs of Developing and Distributing your Promotional Packages.


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The main objective of our promotion activity is to reach our client’s target segment. At ADDMANIA, our team of professionals select our client’s target customers with the help of our highly advanced data filtration system. We design attractive offers based on client’s needs, profit, and margin and convert them into your brand embossed Dining Privilege Card and Preferred Leisure Card along with high quality collateral and sell this at a cost ranging from Rs-1,000 to 10,000 to our client’s target customers through face-to-face relationship based marketing. Our customers make an investment in our client’s brand before they first step through our client’s door. 

NOTE: Only a customer who will make an investment of Rs. 1000 to 10,000 in our client’s brand before attending the outlet whose day-to-day lifestyle and purchasing ability matching with our client’s premium service. 

We acquire new customers within thousands of community across the city without affecting your regular customers. We do not sell the designed offer from client’s establishment. Through our highly advanced system and years of experience, we segment our client’s market by income group and lifestyle and sell this offer to the targeted income group of people.

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